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The AMCEHA conference series offers a forum for participants to present and discuss the most recent research in the area of clean energy and health applications. Participants will also have numerous opportunities to converse about Energy Materials and Applications. Also, it offers fresh perspectives and brings together academics, researchers, engineers, students, scientists, business leaders, innovators, and industrialists throughout the globe under one roof. We specifically invite papers on Solar Energy Applications, Hydrogen Energy, Advanced Functional Materials & Devices, Modelling, Simulation & Artificial Intelligence, and Materials for Health Applications. Conference on energy materials was successfully held in 2013, 2015, 2017 (in India), and 2019 (in Sri Lanka) during the span of the past ten years.

In today’s world innovation in materials is required to tackle and solve many of the challenges associated with future clean energy supply and health care applications. The environmental challenges arising due to rapid growth of industries and urbanization has forced the research community to move towards and focus much on clean energy technologies and health technologies. Advancements made in the area of nanotechnology in recent years has provided significant developments in the area of clean energy segment and health applications. An active collaboration between scientists working in the area of theoretical and experimental materials science and computer scientists should be there to deploy proven computational methodologies to predict, screen, optimize and identify materials which have the potential to be used in energy and health care applications. The International Conference on Advanced Materials for Clean Energy and Health Applications (AMCEHA 2023) will act as a platform for the exchange of technical and scientific information between international researchers in the field of materials for clean energy and health applications. Generation of electricity using solar energy is considered as a viable method to produce energy by using clean energy principle.

This conference will have sessions in which research scientists will discuss about the issues associated with the different solar energy conversion technologies and the great challenges associated in materials design to achieve high solar power conversion efficiency. Technological developments achieved in the area of fuel cells and hydrogen production has paved the way for use of hydrogen as clean energy source in the transport sector. Advanced functional materials is an interdisciplinary field of research, understanding and development of these functional materials is crucial to move towards the region of providing solutions for issues in the areas of energy, healthcare, electronics, and catalysis.

The development of biodegradable and biocompatible materials is an attractive and interesting area of research and the developed materials will find applications in the areas of dentistry, orthopedics and can also act as a diagnostic tool in the field of medicine. This conference will be a promising and exciting event which will bring together researchers, clinicians, scientists, engineers and industry personal and provide them a platform to discuss the latest developments in the area of advanced materials for clean energy and health applications leading to knowledge transfer and will also help them to establish new collaborations.

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